Free Food || Isabella.


So Rosewood wasn’t shaping up to be that bad. Though Beth had come here with mainly one thing on her mind, and that was to find the vampires that had killed her parents when she was little, it was never a bad thing to make a friend or two along the way. And that’s just what she was doing, too. Never had she really called anywhere in particular home after her parents had died, except New Jersey while she attended school at Princeton. With a good list of foster homes under her belt, and later on states after graduation, she was certainly a determined young woman on her way to finding out what she needed to know. But Rosewood was proving to be the cream of the crop when she found out Katherine was here.

Tonight proved to be something of a different mission though. Tonight it was girl’s night with food and hopefully getting to know each other better. With her phone in hand directing her where to go, Beth drove around the small town headed to Isabella’s place. As she was able to see some of the sights and the town better, the light-hearted blonde decided that if she could finish up her life’s mission and find the right guy, Rosewood might be a potential spot to settle down in. But before she could get a really good view, Betty, as she liked to call the GPS alerted Beth of her arrival to her destination.

Tossing her phone back into her purse, the twenty-five year old pulled over and parked on the side of the street. With her bag in tow, she got out of the car, locked it, and made her way to the front door of Isabella’s apartment. Balling up a fist, she made a firm knock on the door and then waited patiently for someone to answer.

It had been probably about 2 weeks now that Isabella was in Rosewood. She didn’t exactly tell everyone the truth about why she had come. Her main reason was that she wanted to start in a new town where she could pursue her dream of being a singer and then there was her very good friend Ryder that she had missed. Those were two big reasons but there was one sticking out that nobody knew about. And that was Chris Keller. The guy that she had a fling with during the summer. What they didn’t know was that it wasn’t just a fling. It was much more than that. Nobody knew though. Not even Charlesia. Who had been her friend since childhood. She had to leave where she used to live because Chris was there and as long as he was there, she could never fully move on. Isabella knew he wouldn’t come to Rosewood because he told her that he hated the town which was a good thing for her. She could finally move on and be happy without him. But the other day she had found out some news that she wasn’t too thrilled about. Chris kissed Charlesia while they were still dating. Whatever feelings she felt for him were now gone.

Tonight wasn’t about thinking things of the past or remembering how much she had missed him. It was about spending time with a potential new friend and stuffing her face with a lot of food. A night to just have fun and let loose. She needed one of these nights and there couldn’t be a better moment than right now. Beth seemed like a nice girl and she had just moved into town as well and she had a feeling that she was harmless. At least she hoped she would be. Isabella always gave people a chance, the benefit of the doubt until they gave her a reason not to. She had made a couple of brownies and felt like eating Spaghetti. Everyone liked spaghetti, right? It couldn’t go wrong. And she would defintely be making coffee because she didn’t want to sleep. She wanted to pull an all nighter kind of thing. It was safe to say that tonight Isabella wanted to have fun.

After a couple of minutes of cooking, she heard the knock at the door and quickly went to go answer it. Turning the knob, she smiled when she saw Beth standing on the other side of it. “Hi. I’m glad you decided to come over”, she greeted her with a small hug before pulling away and shutting the door after the girl came in. She then walked into the kitchen and assumed she was already following her and checked on her Spaghetti. “Do you like Spaghetti?”, she turned around asking her.

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